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Increase Traffic with SEO

Increase Traffic with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are important to your website, so you should take some time to learn how to do it effectively.  You may have heard the axiom “Location! Location! Location!”.  Well, it’s just true on the Internet as it is for a physical location.  On the Internet, your “Location!” is determined by where you appear in search engines.  When you’re right up front in searches — that’s the equivalent of establishing your business on a main highway next to Walmart.  Sometimes it seems like black magic, but hopefully this article will shed some light on how you can more effectively market your website.

While it is possible to hire your SEO out, you can also do it yourself.  For anyone considering hiring an SEO professional, make sure they can show google searches which show their clients very high.  For everyone else, I’m going to assume you’re going to do at least some of your own SEO.  Let’s look at some of the ways you can increase your PageRank.

Google PageRank is a representation of how important Google thinks your website is.  It should not be considered the “end all, be all” of SEO, but it is one of the factors you should consider.  Without focusing on it too much, PageRank is basically increased by other websites that link to your website.  When a site like Yahoo links to your website, that’s obviously worth more than a site that gets very little traffic.

Getting links then is one of the most important ways of getting your website.  If you have a blog or another website, be sure to give yourself a link that way.  You can also write articles, or get others to write articles.  Generally, you’re going to want several hundred links (or several thousand depending on your market).  Many of those can be created yourself, but at some point you may want some help.

There are a lot of online directories that will list your site for free.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to go through and submit your site to each of these directories.  Recently I decided to try a service that will submit these links for you.  I was impressed to see that they actually submitted my website to 100 directories and sent an Excel spreadsheet listing all of the sites they submitted my links to.  Total Cost: < $30!  I decided to become an affiliate so I could tell you about the service.  You can follow this link to check it out for yourself.

One last word about external links to your site: keywords.  Be sure to find out from analytics what your major keywords are.  That is, what words are sending the most / best visitors to your site.  You now want to make sure those are the words that you optimize your website for.  For example, if “Free DVD Catalog” is what you find visitors search for to find your website, then you might make your links DVDCorral – Free DVD Catalog so that Google will rank you higher for the words “DVD Catalog”.  See how I just promoted one of my other sites on a blog?

Now go and do likewise.  :-)

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