What is RSS?

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Whats RSS?

What's RSS?

Imagine the world before we invented magazine subscriptions.  Every time you wanted to read your favorite magazine you would walk to the nearest bookstore and go buy the magazine from the shelf.  You’d be happy that you got to read your favorite magazine, but somewhere inside you would know.  Know that there has to be a better way.  Wouldn’t it be great if all these magazines I read could somehow get delivered right to my door, then I could read them at my leisure and wouldn’t have to keep going to find them.

Welcome to RSS.

RSS originally stood for Really Simple Syndication.  Somehow that acronym has been made “unofficial”, but it still explains it pretty well.  Any online entity that has regular updates (like a blog, your Twitter account, or a news site) may choose to publish an RSS feed.  You can then subscribe to the RSS feed and read the articles from all of your feeds in one place.

There are plenty of RSS readers out there and you’ll just have to find the one your most comfortable with.  Myself, I use gmail, so adding my feeds to Google Reader was pretty simple.  Click on the RSS icon (top right) and you will be taken to a site that allows you to choose from several popular RSS readers.  Sign up for a (usually free) account and then every time we add a new article to the blog it will appear in your reader.  Check the reader as often or as casually as you desire.

And now you know how to RSS.

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