FeedBurner Adds E-mail Subject Love

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All of those who subscribe to this blog via e-mail have just sighed in relief.  “Horray for meaningful subject lines!”, you rejoice.  It is true; FeedBurner has added the ability for bloggers to add meaningful subject lines to their blog posts, most notably we can now add the title of the post to the subject line.  For bloggers, this is truly a boon.  For our subscribers this is… well… It is whatever is better than a boon, I suppose.

To enable this on your own blog (assuming you use FeedBurner), just find E-mail Branding under the Publicize tab.  Then you can edit your subject line.  Use ${latestItemTitle} to place the title of your blog post into the subject line of the e-mail that FeedBurner sends to subscribers.  Bada-boom!  Done.

As you can see from the image, there is also a checkbox to change how e-mails get sent if you send more than one per day.  You can check out Google’s Adsense for Feedburner Blog Post for more details on how to customize additional e-mails.

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