Google PageRank Update, October 2009

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Google updated their PageRank again on the 28th / 29th of October.  What does that mean?  Well, you can always read through some of our other PageRank articles, but we’ll give you the short version here.  Google PageRank is a measurement of how “important” your page or website is compared with the rest of the pages Google has indexed.  Google is constantly updating these values internally (and they aren’t integers), but they release them periodically for us to see.

There are two primary uses for knowing this value.  The first, and most important is that it gives you a reasonable idea of how your site promotion is going.  As you work on your SEO and link building, you want to see that it’s doing something.  The primary way is to check your rankings in Google for important keyword searches.  However, the PageRank number is a nice summary so you can get a rough idea of how you’re doing in a  single number.

The second use for this number is if you do any sort of marketing yourself.  When you post links for other websites, they will have more value if you have a higher PageRank.  Therefor, if you are selling links, or article writing, or something similar, they will be more valuable on a website with a higher PageRank.  This is only important if you are actually charging clients to write blog articles or something similar, so it doesn’t matter otherwise.  Because most of us aren’t writing pay-per-link articles, this particular use usually gets more attention than it’s worth.  Keep that in mind when you’re looking at your PageRank.

So, check out some of the other articles we have on Google PageRank (when it was last updated in June) and get a better handle on your website’s SEO.  Subscribe to our RSS feed, so you’ll always know when the Google PageRank update is released!

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