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There’s no better way to build SEO than FREE! … well, actually, “Free and not in bad neighborhoods”, but “FREE” is a lot shorter. In this case, you can have your SEO cake and eat it too. There are many websites out there that host About Us pages for other websites. As soon as they know about your website, they’ll host a page that links back to your site.  At least 2 of the pages in this list have a PageRank of 7 and many of the sites are PageRank 6.  That means you get some Free SEO and you know your links are in good neighborhoods.

All you really need to do is let these sites know your website exists.  You could submit these sites manually, but why bother?  Now you can automatically submit for free, courtesy of  All we ask is that if you appreciate the free SEO that you Digg or StumbleUpon us below (or link us from your own site).  We do track submissions, so we won’t submit your website more than once.

Note: Should you see a Red or Yellow box below (indicating an error), just follow the link on the left manually.  Sometimes these sites will block us for making too many submissions, but it should submit fine if you click the link from your desktop.  Enjoy!

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